Top 10 Most Photo-Worthy Spots in Old San Juan

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One thing people look for when they travel is to find that perfect photo-worthy spot to share it on social media. We’re all guilty of it! But when you don’t know your way around the city, it’s easy to pass up on some of the best photo-op places. That’s why I’ve prepared this list of the most photo-worthy spots in Old San Juan.

Old San Juan is beautiful no matter where you go. However, these spots will guarantee you get the best photos. Some are well-known and shared in millions of blogs and social media posts, but others are off the beaten path but so very worth visiting.

I asked on Instagram if I should post a guide or a list post about San Juan, and the guide won. However, I thought this was worth sharing as well. So here it is!

1. Paseo del Morro

This is a promenade surrounding the walls of El Morro. You can take it from the east side of El Morro or from the San Juan Gate. It has beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and the entrance to the San Juan Bay. This is something you MUST visit if you visit El Morro!


Garita (Sentry Box) at Paseo del Morro


2. Castillo San Felipe del Morro (El Morro)

As I mentioned in my previous post, El Morro sits atop a cliff overlooking the entrance to the San Juan Bay and was used to protect the city from pirates and conquerors. Because of its prime spot, it has beautiful views of the Atlantic ocean. From its lawn, you can fly a kite and take in the views of the picturesque La Perla community, Castillo San Cristobal and beyond.


El Morro lawn overlooking La Perla and Castillo San Cristobal


Overlooking the ocean from Castillo San Felipe del Morro (El Morro)


3. Plaza del Quinto Centenario

This plaza was built to commemorate the 500 years of the discovery of America and is one of the newest plazas in the city. Make sure to take pictures at the Totem! And while you’re there, eat a piragüa from one of the local piragüeros. The kids love these!


Totem at Plaza del Quinto Centenario


4. Puerta de San Juan

This is a huge red gate which was the old entrance to the city. It’s located at the end of the Paseo La Princesa.


Us looking small at the San Juan Gate


5. Puerta de la Bandera

This door is located at Calle San José. The flag was painted black in protest to the Puerto Rico Fiscal Control Board that is taking away many workers’ rights. Politics aside, it’s a great place to take pictures. I love the exposed bricks and the artwork!


Puerto Rico’s flag painted black on a door at Old San Juan


6. Plazuela de la Rogativa

This is a small plaza located at Caleta de las Monjas Street. You can see the San Juan Bay, the San Juan Gate, and the North coast. I talk about its history in my previous post. It’s a very interesting story!


La Rogative statue at the plaza named after it

7. Hotel El Convento

This is a historic 17-century hotel. It was once a Carmelite convent, and is now a 4-star small luxury hotel with amazing views of Old San Juan and the bay. A must-see!

El Picoteo at Hotel El Convento

8. Kites Display at Fortaleza Street

This display is gaining popularity among the younger crowd because it has So. Much. Color! This is one of my favorite spots in the city.


Us at Fortaleza Street loving the kite display!


9. Castillo San Cristobal

This fort was built to guard the land entrance of the city. It’s not as popular as El Morro, but I think it’s underrated. This fort has cool tunnels, artwork in one of the dungeons, and amazing views of the ocean and city. Plus, when you visit El Morro, you get a pass to visit the Castillo San Cristobal too!

Leaving the tunnels at Castillo San Cristobal


Garita at Castillo San Cristobal in the Golden Hour



10. El Capitolio

t has a marble stairway, magnificent columns, and it houses a copy of the Constitution of Puerto Rico. I also talk more about it in my previous post, so check it out!


Puerto Rico’s capitol building from the side.


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