Ultimate Puerto Rico Family Packing List + What to Wear

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Puerto Rico is a very popular cruise ship stop, but it is much more than that! With activities for the whole family and beautiful beaches, it’s easy to see why it is called the Isla del Encanto (Island of Enchantment). However, if you forget to pack an important item, it can make or break your experience. That’s why I’m bringing you this Puerto Rico Family Packing List, to make your stay worthwhile!

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Essential Items to Pack

If you’re anything like me (Migdalia, the mom behind the blog), you always forget something if you don’t do a checklist before going on a trip. I usually do my checklists in my bullet journal (that’s an example from my Instagram account) and that’s why I created the Ultimate Puerto Rico Family Packing List. Here are a few items that will make for a better trip.

Baby Beach Tent

Okay… so this is probably not so much an essential item, but a good item to protect your little one from the sun if he or she decides to take a nap while you’re at the beach. This can totally make for a better nap!

Beach Bag

With a family, it’s always important to have a bag to carry your things to the beach, even if you’re staying at the beach. It’s not ideal to go back to your room or AirBnB to fetch something you need. That’s why a beach bag is always a must!

Beach Blanket

Although most hotels and AirBnB’s offer beach towels, it’s always best to use a water resistant blanket to sit by the beach. You wouldn’t want to get sand everywhere, am I right? That’s why it’s a good idea to take a beach blanket with you.


I mean, who wouldn’t want to capture their adventures with a quality camera?! I know, I know… cellphones nowadays have great cameras too, but a quality camera captures such beautiful pictures! Or you could opt for an instant camera or portable printer if you’re into journaling, like me!

Filtered Water Bottle

We hate plastic waste and are always looking for ways to produce less waste. Although the tap water in Puerto Rico is generally safe, it’s always better to filter the water before drinking it… it also tastes better filtered. That’s why I recommend taking a filtered water bottle. Plus, you don’t have to worry about having to buy water.

Insect Repellent

Bug spray is such an important item, especially during the rainy season. I recommend using a DEET-free insect repellent as it is less likely to harm your baby’s skin and marine life.


If you follow my Instagram account or read my post about the bullet journal, you know I’m an avid journaler. That’s why I believe a journal is a must when you travel. I recommend the Scrivwell notebooks because they have 120GSM coated paper, 208 pages, two ribbon bookmarks, and a back pocket.  However, there are many options you can choose from and here are a few…


Puerto Rico’s weather is hot year-round and you want to make sure to protect your littles from too much sun exposure. A broad spectrum sunscreen is a must for your trip to Puerto Rico! Our favorite for our kids is the Babyganics Sunscreen.


Protect your eyes from the sun and look cool in the process!

Waterproof Cellphone Case

It’s not hard to imagine how easy it is for your cellphone to get ruined by water in Puerto Rico. Quoting the words of our president (because he’s my president too, even though I didn’t get to vote… shhh! No politics here! Sorry! LOL but that’s a little something for you to research if you’re into that), “This is an island, surrounded by water… big water… ocean water.” There’s a nice beach practically anywhere you go. It’s important to keep your cellphone safe with a waterproof case!


What to Wear

As I said earlier, Puerto Rico’s weather is hot year-round with an average of 85°F to 95°F. It’s also humid, so you’ll want to dress light! Here are my suggestions for the whole family.


Sundresses are your best bet during the day. However, I also like to wear shorts and a tank top or t-shirt. For the evening, you can wear a maxi dress and accessorize!


Shorts and cotton t-shirts are the best for during the day. For the evening, you can dress up with a linen, button-down shirt (we call them “guayaberas” here) and some jeans.


Children should also be dressed lightly! If your son or daughter is anything like my son, they could get a heat rash if not dressed properly. I recommend dressing them in shorts and airy t-shirts, but girls could also be dressed in cute little sundresses.


I always recommend you bring good walking shoes as walking is probably the most you’ll be doing, but the more adventurous types will also want to bring hiking shoes for the many beautiful hiking trails available. Also if you have a child like mine who hates sand, water shoes are a great idea to pack. Although we have many popular stores from the US, these are not always available year-round.

And don’t forget your bathing suits!!!

With so many beautiful beaches all over the beautiful archipelago of Puerto Rico, you’ll definitely want to go to the beach!

So that’s it!

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